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This entire episode felt like a dream--no, make that a mirage. Really, I can't believe any of this really happened, it's so surreal.

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The beautiful? Hannibal's suit. Alana's stunning dress and jewelry. (THOSE EARRINGS!!!) Hugh Dancy, as always. Hannibal and Will glaring at each other as Hannibal formally declares war against his former BFF. (Yes, tension is beautiful. Absolutely beautiful. #FireAtWill.) Somebody FINALLY saying Hannibal the Cannibal. The recurring flower motif all over the place, which to me, at least, symbolizes breaking forth, maturing, and just being resplendent. Hannibal's just gettin' the show started, folks. We ain't seen nothing yet.

The wrong? Hannibal and Alana sleeping . . . together. (I don't care how cut up Alana is about Will--I thought she was way more self-sufficient than that. Funeral sex, Abigail's freaking ear. Alana needs to find a hobby or something. Please. Let's have a surprise that she's been working on all along, and whips out to wow everyone.) HANNIBAL MAKING GIDEON EAT HIS OWN FREAKING LEG. Hannibal stringing up a dude on Will-inspired fishhooks bearing pieces of his kills. (If you try to do the same thing to Will, oh, no, YOU'RE IN TROUBLE.)

The beautiful and wrong? Grafting trees and people artistically, so you don't know why something so grotesque looks so inspiring. ALL THAT DELICIOUS LOOKING FOOD THAT WE KNOW IS ACTUALLY PEOPLE. We're not supposed to feel nauseated and starving at the same time. This show is so messed up, but still, we love it.
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Thanks to a crazy busy life right now, I didn't get a chance to watch Hannibal until today. And I barely have a coherent thought in my head, but I've got to get the feels out, so here they spill. It's basically a play-by-play of whatever nonsense ran through my head all episode.

The music at the beginning--WHAT IS THIS? It's the same music that I associate with Milo and Otis. NO THIS IS NOT OKAY, IT'S HAPPY MUSIC, I DON'T WANT YOU TO RUIN MY HAPPY MUSIC. Unless Beverly, by some miracle, is still alive? (According to Bryan Fuller's twitter, the music is Schumann's Scenes of Childhood from Foreign Lands. God, I love Schumann.)

OMG, that's not fair comparing Hannibal's awesome-looking food to Will's Prison Mush Supreme. NOT FAIR!!! OMG, are those BEETLES? Ew. That's almost grosser than people. Please tell me you're not feeding Beverly to a grief-stricken Crawford. PLEASE!

He is NOT a great friend. He is the worst friend ever.

Freddie with a GUN? Now, girl, what are you up to? Oh, there's dripping blood. NOOOOOOOOO! *keyboard smash* I'm expecting it, but I still don't wanna see it! Wait, is that real concern for Jack's emotional well-being on Freddie's face? I know she's not completely inhuman (like *cough* Hannibal *cough*), but still... she's so tricksy, I can't ever take what she says at face value.

OH. MY. GOD. Hannibal . . . you . . . you . . . this "interpretive corpse" is sick, even for you. EVEN FOR YOU. I hope Will wrings your neck.

Oh, wow, Hettienne Park is still in the credits. Is she going to exist in Will's subconscious now? Please, please, please, Park is WAY too cool to leave this show completely.

"Acting on an anonymous tip"--OHO, WE KNOW WHO THAT WAS. Bastard. *curls up into a ball* I don't want to see Will's face when they tell him. I wish I had a hundred doggie plushies right now.

Oh my gosh, here comes the rushing, overwhelming water theme again. Oh, Will . . . you can still see Beverly in the room, while other people are there? Yikes, you're not even dreaming. Not good, not good. No, no, you don't wanna go see her body, Will. Even if you're the best qualified to read the scene, you shouldn't, you shouldn't.

Will . . . are you setting Chilton up to be sliced, diced, and eaten by Hannibal? I hate Chilton, but still . . boy, that's devious. ZOMG THE MASK. (Hugh Dancy makes that mask look way more awesome than he should.) And now he looks like a muzzled puppy dog. *lip wobble*

Oh, wow, Crawford's taking all the restraints, even the muzzle off. Yeah, now you're starting to think mebbe Will isn't the real monster, huh? God, the music for the scene is perfect--it's like you can hear Beverly's thoughts pounding on the plastic encasing her body.

Wow, now it looks like Will's dancing with Beverly and trying to get to know her again. No, I'm not crying, I swear I'm not crying!

"Fair enough"? Gideon tells you the only way to catch a killer is to kill him, and all Will says is "Fair enough." Is it just me, or is that possibly the scariest part of the episode? Because Will's so calm, so nonchalant.

OH, FREDDIE, YOU'RE DEAD. He done told you taking pictures was rude. Didn't you learn to be more careful when Gideon had you help him with Chilton--or, rather, Chilton's insides? *tsk, tsk*

Ha, Hannibal's face is perfect when he says he's trying to imagine Will REQUESTING Freddie. Oho, this is going to be GOOD. Where's the popcorn? Okay, I'm noticing a theme. When Will wants somebody to do something underhanded for him, he's reluctantly charming, even downright seductive. And I really can't decide how I feel about that. I'm leaning toward gleeful, even though I know I shouldn't be. :)

Oh, wow, is the security dude the one killing for Will? Oh, Wiiiiilll, somebody's got a wee crush on you. And it's not just Alana. Oh, wait, I'm revising that statement. This guy has a MAJOR crush on you. Oooo, and this guy can tweak the microphones! I almost like him now. Almost.

OMG, the judge and the bailiff were not killed by the same guy? That means it HAD to have been Hannibal that killed the judge! Whoa.

MIND=BLOWN. Will is setting a serial killer on Hannbial, and Gideon overheard him. Well, now it's a just a race to see who can get to who first. I think we're all pretty sure Will's not-quite-secret admirer is going to end up in some stir fry.

WAIT, WHAT?! Admirer Dude got Hannibal with a tranquilizer dart?! NO WAY.

Okay, how did they get it to look like Will is crying blood? Has the cinematography in this show won ANY awards yet?!

NO, NO, NO, CRAWFORD, ALANA, DON'T SAVE HANNIBAL, DON'T SAVE . . . ARG. I'm ready to Hulksmash something.

*watches preview* WAIT, SLOW DOWN. "You tried to kill me, Will. I gave Alana Bloom your best." OH. MY. GOD. This show is so messed up! Alana, WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING?! How am I supposed to wait for the next episode now?!
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I just created an alternate FB account, strictly for J-rock fangirling. Even though I far prefer LJ and Tumblr, there are perks to liking official pages on FB. (Can't fangirl on my "real" FB, because I don't need to deal with visual kei reactions from co-workers or church friends. Especially the pastor--Gackt would probably give him a heart attack. XD) So, if any of my fellow J-rock fans would like to friend me on FB, lemme know!

And before I close, have some ABC! Darn, it's hard to find live ABC videos, besides the lovely free live.


Jul. 2nd, 2013 09:15 pm
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I've wandered into the J-rock nook of Deviantart, and I literally can't dig myself out. So. Much. PRETTY! Especially the fan drawings of GACKT. It's enough to make you despair.

BTW, last week (or was it the week before?), my life was basically hijacked by the anime The Rose of Versailles, thanks to Hulu. Everybody's a diva in that show, and the ending, surprise, surprise, was not happy, but I still got hopelessly addicted. (Lady Oscar rocks, just saying. I just know I'll end up writing at least one heroine heavily inspired by her.) Icons in progress. :)
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I am a huge fan of the horrifically awesome TV show "Hannibal." *ducks pitchforks* Have been so ever since a tumblr friend spammed GIFs, and I realized that Mads Mikkelsen (AKA, one of my mom's fave actors) plays the famed cannibal.

I have a lot of thoughts on the subject, but while working through the comments in Cleolinda's hysterical recap series, all I can think of is this thread. BRB, I'm just going to go flail for a few solid hours.
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May. 3rd, 2013 10:17 am
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That is the sound of a Star Wars fan finding a website dedicated solely to Star Wars screencaps, just in time to prepare for tomorrow. I'm seriously considering having a marathon, or at least a partial marathon, of the movies tomorrow. So much fun, so little time!

ETA: The site is Star Wars Screencaps. Looks like it, or its galleries, at least, are pretty new. :)
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How is everybody? Hope you are all having a lovely day. :)

I'm off to work in a couple hours, so I'd better make sure I've got something green and clean. I'm likely to slap any moron that tries to pinch me. Better to avoid that altogether and just wear green like everybody else.

In the meantime, I'll be fangirling hardcore over Tokio Hotel. Honestly, this is a great time to jump into the fandom for the first time. I am seriously in love with Bill's latest "Victorian vampire" outfit for DSDS. Wow.
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The newest addition is . . . Pushing Daisies. I'd already been curious, since it has Lee Pace from The Fall and The Hobbit and Anna Friel from Our Mutual Friend. Kristin Chenoweth was an added bonus I wasn't even aware of. Watching [ profile] msantimacassar fangirl over it finally made me get around to watching it. (Thank you SO MUCH!) It's completely ridiculous, yet utterly adorable. I just want to eat pie and watch it all day long. I got my Mom hooked on it, too, and she says Ned is a doll. :)

And now, apparently, they might try to bring it back again as a movie, like Veronica Mars. Is this real, or is this fantasy? I don't know. But it's exciting, nonetheless.

Fandom Fun

Feb. 2nd, 2013 02:29 pm
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Guess what came in the mail today?

Photobucket Photobucket

It's so cool! Batman + pink = bliss. My only complaint: it's bigger than I had thought. I'd hoped it would be easier to slip in a purse. Oh, well. :)

In other news, I also got Tokio Hotel's "Humanoid" CD. This makes the third TH CD/DVD I've gotten in a month. Addicted? Yes. Very much so. Brace yourselves for a TON of icons in future. And don't get me started on how inspiring Bill's eyeshadow can be. Just don't.

And I have been giggling all day about the vocalist of Golden Bomber dressing up in Redemption-era clothes to sing along with GACKT. He's giving Yasu a serious run for his money as Biggest Fanboy in Existence, bless both of their little hearts. XD
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SUPERNATURAL IS COMING BACK TONIGHT!!! ETA: I had forgotten the correct date. It's actually not coming back to the 16th. WHY?!?!

Excitement abounds! I've been on serious withdrawal for the last couple weeks or so. How serious? I blame my now out-of-control Tokio Hotel addiction on that break. *glares good-naturedly*

Is it 8:00 yet? Is it the 16th yet?! I can't take this suspense much longer!
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The cast was perfection. The cast was amazing. The cast was every bit as good as it was in LotR (especially since a lot of old friends were able to come round again).

Oh, and did I mention that the cast made the movie?

I had high expectations for Martin Freeman and Richard Armitage already, thanks to Martin's performance as John Watson in BBC's Sherlock and Armitage's roles in North and South and Spooks.

But they still blew me away completely. I think I'll be in a mild state of pleasant shock for a while.

More excited fan rambling . . . )

Some fans were wondering if anybody would be able to pull off the whole "heartthrob" Dwarf thing. Guess what? Thorin sure did. I'm now a believer, albeit a bewildered one.
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Not only am I now officially hooked, but my BFF and I managed to make a Whovian out of another friend, too. It was a good afternoon.

The genius of this scene is still making my mind reel. (Way to completely change my view on a certain seemingly meaningless saying. :D)

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*bounces in* I hate crowds and noise, so instead of braving brick-and-mortar stores this Black Friday, I just went shopping on Amazon and Etsy. And got meself Supernatural and Within Temptation goodies. (And also a gift or two.)

*bounces out*

P.S--Those Facebook ads for Harry Potter and Hobbit goodies almost got to me. Almost.

Double P.S.--Just read the first Game of Thrones book. A few bits grossed me out (not surprisingly), but overall, I loved it. Brand new Stark fangirl right here, especially with regard to Eddard and Jon Snow. *sobs* Gushing commentary pending. I also want to make up a house saying for my family, like "Winter is coming" of the Starks. Then I realized it wasn't worth it. "Where's the remote?" or "WHO ATE ALL THE SALSA?!" fits us perfectly, but just doesn't sound as epic.
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Hello, all! Last few days have been a whirlwind of busy-ness and fatigue. (I say busy-ness instead of business, because there was nothing business-y about it. Yes, I'm feeling like butchering my native--and only--language today.) Fun, but not fun, because I've been separated from my preciousssss, the internet and the people on it. :D

But now I must fangirl over the premiere of Supernatural Season 8. This is special to me in so many ways, because for the first time, I'm caught up on a TV series just as it's actually, factually happening. That is an awesome feeling, minus the suspense rendered by commercials and waiting an entire week for the next episode. I'm used to blazing through 2 to 4 episodes a day.

Without dropping too many spoilers, let's just say I really enjoyed the episode, but felt it just a tad off. Like they had to amble through a set-up of the premise that really felt like nothing had happened, and the good stuff was still to come. Best part of the episode was, by far, our boys being reunited for the bajillionth time. That will never, ever get old.

And neither will this GIF. :D

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Angelina Jolie is going to play Maleficent, in a live action movie ALL ABOUT MALEFICENT. Here's a Washington post article.

Just. Look. At. That. Picture. WOW.

Between this and the upcoming Hobbit movies, I think I'll just stay in a constant state of fangirl flailing for the next two years. ZOMG!

Maleficent is quite possibly my favorite Disney villainess (Scar's my favorite Disney villain). I've been fascinated with her ever since I was little--she's probably one of the main reasons why I have an ever-deepening goth streak. She made a huge impression on me, and still does.

I can't believe this is real.I'm vainly trying to compose myself, so I don't get disappointed if the movie doesn't live up to my already soaring expectations. Oh, well. I'll just hope, and if it doesn't live up to my hopes, I can always rant and write. XD
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And I'm trying to arrange my thoughts to form coherent sentences. It's not quite working.


Let me see if I can compose myself . . .


Enraptured rambling ahead . . . )


Apr. 9th, 2012 10:20 pm
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