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It's a simpler layout this time. It's amazing how few simple greyscale templates there are out there. Sheesh. But still, I'm happy I finally got a good result.

I spaced out and completely forgot that Epica released a new album in May. *hangs head in shame* It's great, and some moments are so heart-pumping, I nearly had to just sit aside and chill for a bit. Wow. Must save moneyz faster so I can buy this after some GACKT goodies. :D

This is THE BEST fandom/classic crossover fanart. EVER. The only reason I'm not screaming like a banshee and running around in circles is because I'm at work. The original painting, The Accolade by Edmund Blair Leighton, is my favorite piece of artwork of all time. Just look at the lighting there. Look at it. Magnificent, utterly magnificent. Excuse me while I bide my time till my break so I can run outside and squee.
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My camera was *conveniently* on the fritz that day. Not excited how grainy/blurry these got, but oh well. :)

This-a-way . . . )
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As usual . . .

EVERYTHING IS CURSED AND EVERYTHING HURTS. How in blazes do you guys manage to kill off a Winchester almost every season, and still make us cry every freaking time? Writers. I should hate them, but I want to be of their ilk--no, I WILL be one. Metatron better die a very horrific death, and not in the rather anticlimactic way that Abaddon went.

Out of the usual . . .

ZOMG THEY ACTUALLY WENT WITH THE DEMON!DEAN PLOTBUNNY. We've been teased with that over the seasons, but I never actually thought they'd go there. BUT THEY DID. And while it's a delicious opportunity to bring an awesome dynamic to a show that was starting to get a little jaded, IT STILL HURTS. Dean deals (or doesn't deal) with more than enough crap already; even though he kinda deserves this, IT STILL ISN'T SITTING WELL.

All I know is this. 1) Dean can never, ever, EVER give Sam crap about his affinity for demons and their blood again. 2) HIATUS IS GOING TO BE A NEW KIND OF HELL EVEN WE "WAYWARD SONS" AREN'T READY TO FACE. (I saw a suggestion on tumblr that we SPN fans call ourselves Wayward Sons. Of course I'm going to run with that.) 3) If Season 10 is going to be the last (perish the thought!), we're going out with a terrific bang.
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Finished Season 8 of Dexter last week, and only now do I feel calm enough to write about it coherently. WHAT. THE. ACTUAL. F***. F***ing hell, as Deb would say. It's bad enough that Rudy/Brian duped Deb and tried to get Dexter to kill her with him. It's bad enough Rita had was killed by another serial killer. It's bad enough we had a scary foreshadowing throwback to Rita's death, with Deb's nightmare of a bathtub of blood. BUT DID YOU HAVE TO KILL OFF DEB? DID YOU? I get that after all the stuff on this show, somebody had to take the fall. But. NOT. DEBRA MORGAN.

There were three people I was deathly afraid for and didn't want touched: Deb, Harrison, and Jamie the Rockstar Nanny. AND THE MOST IMPORTANT ONE DIES. I could live with Dexter dying or facing death row; it would be sad, but it would be fair, considering that he is the true destructive force on this show. For me, the whole show was about Dexter struggling to keep his destructive personality from harming his loved ones. And then the writers just decide he has to fail spectacuarly, put Deb in the line of fire, and kill her so she doesn't have to be a vegetable. WAY TO GIVE US SATISFYING CLOSURE. We're all dying for an ending in which a woman is completely destroyed by the man she loved in multiple ways and depended on always. Because that totally doesn't happen enough in real life, and we need it on screen all the time, too.

On a lighter note, my To Be Read List is so long, I'm coping by revisiting Marguerite Henry. She's the reason I get at least one horse calendar every year. My first introduction to her was an old copy of Misty of Chincoteague that my Dad had as a kid. Totally and completely fell in love with her writing style, and her books launched me into an obsession with horses and an appreciation for Will James. This fever lasted through my preteen and early teen years, and only mellowed out after I got a book all about horse care. Then I realized that much as I loved horses, I would never be able to make the time and effort commitment necessary for proper horse care (let alone AFFORD it financially). So now I read about horses, and sketch horses, but devote most of my obsession to fandoms. :)
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You clearly are very desperate to launch a spin-off series. What is this, the third time you've introduced a bunch of fresh young faces in the hope that fans will latch onto them? I remember the werewolf kids and the mini-shorts hunter girl, but barely, because they were NOT compelling at all. This week's trial protagonist was much better, I'll grant you that--but still? You want to recreate the same addictive dynamic that Sam and Dean bring to the show? You need actors that can carry the same weight as Jared and Jensen.

Maybe, if you hadn't killed Kevin off, he could have starred in his own rogue prophet series. The fandom already loves Osric Chau to bits. Haven't you noticed how great he is on Twitter? Speaking of greatness and Twitter, Misha could easily hold his own in a Castiel-focused spin-off. What if you set the timeline as pre-Team Free Will, showing all the events that molded Castiel into the angel that placed his bets on the Winchesters? What if you threw Gabriel and Balthazar into the mix? I'll bet the fangirls would go wild.

Ranting and dreaming aside, next week's episode looks awesome. :)

ETA: Yikes, on second thought, maybe I shouldn't be so harsh. Still . . . it's frustrating. I felt like I was watching The Vampire Diaries set in the Supernatural universe, and I'm really not into that show at all.
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Just going to jot down a few thoughts sticking with me after the episode.

HANNIBAL: Being tied up doesn't scare me in the least.
WILL: *whistles*
AUDIENCE: Oh my gosh, are the stray dogs pulling the rope? You're going to kill him with your DOGS?!
DIRE RAVENSTAG: Nope, just me.
WILL: Tighter, Black Bambi, tighter! *walks down length of rope as if he's using it as a lure*
HANNIBAL: Well, if you're going to use the Ravenstag, I'm just going to have to go full-out Wendigo.
WILL: Ravenstag crushes Wendigo!

WILL: Luv.
WILL: Luv!
AUDIENCE: Wow, the Hannigram is strong with this scene.
LATER ON . . .
WILL: Adapt. Evolve. Become.
PEOPLE THAT READ THE BOOKS: Become? As in BECOMING? Meep! *resists urge to hide under couch*
HANNIBAL: BTW, those books written about me? They were also made from people.

WILL: *empathing* I have horns, I'm covered in blood, and I'm killing people with my contorted face.
AUDIENCE: That's possibly the most traumatizing visual yet. After the meat angels, that is.

MARGOT VERGER: Hi, we talked before? Now we're gonna talk again.
WILL: Um . . . you can't just invite yourself in.
MARGOT VERGER: Yes I can, with the magic word. HANNIBAL.
WILL: Okay.
MARGOT VERGER: I tried to kill my brother.
WILL: I'm sure he had it coming, then.
MARGOT VERGER: Needless to say, I'm seriously messed up, and so are you. In your professional, seriously messed up opinion, how seriously messed up is Hannibal's approach? Hannibal's actually egging me on.
WILL: Take my word for it, his approach is seriously messed up. I tried to kill him.
MARGOT VERGER: Did he have it coming?
ENTIRE AUDIENCE: *squeals like a stuck pig*

WILL: Hi, broken sweet guy in whom I see reflections of myself. Can you use your animal empath skills to help me?
WILL: Hmmm. Guess that means I'm a wolf and Hannibal's a bear?

HANNIBAL: FYI, people are going to come after you, my young apprentice.
RANDALL TIER: Guess that means I'm gonna go after somebody myself.
RANDALL TIER: *looks through trees at Will's house*
BUSTER THE DOG: *runs into the woods*
AUDIENCE: *waves arms hysterically at TV*
WILL: *saves the injured doggie*
AUDIENCE: *is still very, very upset*
ONE HALF OF AUDIENCE: Um, shouldn't we be worried when we care more about dogs getting hurt than people?
RANDALL TIER: *busts through a window in WILL's house*

WILL: *throws a dead RANDALL on HANNIBAL's table* Once again, I have provided meat for your table.
HANNIBAL: Oh, Will, you shouldn't have!
WILL: I sicced my killer on you, and you sicced your killer on me. Now we're even. Even Steven.
HANNIBAL: And it was FUN! Let's do it again!
WILL: NO! Bad cannibal, no brisket.
HANNIBAL: Fine. Temporary truce. Well, guess I better start restocking my pantry . . .


Okay, now I'm done. Off to tumblr to stare at pretty GIFs. :)
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...And now I'm just going to take refuge in a fuzzy blanket and pretend nothing happened. And also pretend that there's no blood moon tonight, because that's really creepy, considering the moon and blood figured prominently in the finale.

Who am I kidding? I'm not happy with the ending. At all. And now I'm really, really tempted to stop watching right here. :(
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This entire episode felt like a dream--no, make that a mirage. Really, I can't believe any of this really happened, it's so surreal.

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The beautiful? Hannibal's suit. Alana's stunning dress and jewelry. (THOSE EARRINGS!!!) Hugh Dancy, as always. Hannibal and Will glaring at each other as Hannibal formally declares war against his former BFF. (Yes, tension is beautiful. Absolutely beautiful. #FireAtWill.) Somebody FINALLY saying Hannibal the Cannibal. The recurring flower motif all over the place, which to me, at least, symbolizes breaking forth, maturing, and just being resplendent. Hannibal's just gettin' the show started, folks. We ain't seen nothing yet.

The wrong? Hannibal and Alana sleeping . . . together. (I don't care how cut up Alana is about Will--I thought she was way more self-sufficient than that. Funeral sex, Abigail's freaking ear. Alana needs to find a hobby or something. Please. Let's have a surprise that she's been working on all along, and whips out to wow everyone.) HANNIBAL MAKING GIDEON EAT HIS OWN FREAKING LEG. Hannibal stringing up a dude on Will-inspired fishhooks bearing pieces of his kills. (If you try to do the same thing to Will, oh, no, YOU'RE IN TROUBLE.)

The beautiful and wrong? Grafting trees and people artistically, so you don't know why something so grotesque looks so inspiring. ALL THAT DELICIOUS LOOKING FOOD THAT WE KNOW IS ACTUALLY PEOPLE. We're not supposed to feel nauseated and starving at the same time. This show is so messed up, but still, we love it.
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Because SO MUCH happened, I still can't process it all.

Oh my God, Will, you poor baby. You invite Chilton to be "your one and only psychaitrist" (never, ever, ever getting over that line, no sirree), you realize Hannibal induced your seizures, you realize Hannibal is the Chesapeake Ripper, and you realize you're actually in the Hannibal TV show, which includes cannibalism. ALL IN ONE FREAKING EPISODE. On top of that, Beverly may be toast. Please let her live. Please.
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I would very much like to just take a break from real life and devote myself exclusively to fandom. It's getting way too crazy here. Just to summarize:

Possible spoilers about Thor 2, Catching Fire, Doctor Who )


Jul. 21st, 2013 09:40 am
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Thanks to tumblr's excellent blog coverage of Comic-Con, I don't know what killed me more--Tom Hiddleston as Loki, introducing a trailer and commanding people to say his name and kneel, or Karen Gillan whipping off a ginger wig to reveal she has shaved her head. O.O


Jul. 2nd, 2013 09:15 pm
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I've wandered into the J-rock nook of Deviantart, and I literally can't dig myself out. So. Much. PRETTY! Especially the fan drawings of GACKT. It's enough to make you despair.

BTW, last week (or was it the week before?), my life was basically hijacked by the anime The Rose of Versailles, thanks to Hulu. Everybody's a diva in that show, and the ending, surprise, surprise, was not happy, but I still got hopelessly addicted. (Lady Oscar rocks, just saying. I just know I'll end up writing at least one heroine heavily inspired by her.) Icons in progress. :)
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I am a huge fan of the horrifically awesome TV show "Hannibal." *ducks pitchforks* Have been so ever since a tumblr friend spammed GIFs, and I realized that Mads Mikkelsen (AKA, one of my mom's fave actors) plays the famed cannibal.

I have a lot of thoughts on the subject, but while working through the comments in Cleolinda's hysterical recap series, all I can think of is this thread. BRB, I'm just going to go flail for a few solid hours.
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If you are a fan of both LotR and GoT, or at least know something about both fandoms, this GIF set on tumblr might interest you. I screamed with laughter. And now I can barely breathe.


May. 3rd, 2013 10:17 am
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That is the sound of a Star Wars fan finding a website dedicated solely to Star Wars screencaps, just in time to prepare for tomorrow. I'm seriously considering having a marathon, or at least a partial marathon, of the movies tomorrow. So much fun, so little time!

ETA: The site is Star Wars Screencaps. Looks like it, or its galleries, at least, are pretty new. :)


Apr. 1st, 2013 10:23 pm
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For me, this was just a regular Monday night, browsing my f-list on LJ. Right? WRONG. I stumbled across this post of [ profile] lady_irena. So, basically:

4/5 of now-on-hiatus Versailles have started a brand-new band, Jupiter, with some vocalist called Zin.


Is this just some prank for April Fool's? I know it's not, but still . . . I can't wrap my brain around this. I'm happy that Hizaki, Teru, Yuki, and Masashi are sticking together moving forward, but still . . . ZOMG I WAS NOT PREPARED FOR THIS. BLOODY HELL!


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