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10 HYDE Icons
11 Ruki Icons
13 Yasu Icons

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Aug. 29th, 2014 10:57 am
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This has been out for three weeks, and I just discovered it now. *sigh* So much new music, so little time!

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-50 HYDE Icons

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It is impossible to choose a favorite rendition of this song. It's so unspeakably beautiful!

BTW, somebody ban me from eBay right away. I just figured out they are a TON of super cute visual kei-styled ladies' clothes on there. And I'm drooling a river.
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- 48 Moon Child Icons


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 photo mca.jpg

I'm a day late with this (between baby cousin's b-day party and work, I had no time yesterday), but I found an excellent Flickr photostream of Moon Child-related goodies. Celebratory icons pending, fellow J-rock fans. :)
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- 15 Ewan McGregor Icons
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- 37 Hyde Icons
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I'm not even going to admit to the number of times I've watched various renditions of Ibara no Namida, this one included. Rest assured it's probably too much, if you can listen to J-rock too much. :)
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- 22 Halloween Junky Orchestra Icons (Hyde & Yasu)
- 08 Halloween Junky Orchestra Banners (Hyde & Yasu)
- 02 Halloween Junky Orchestra Wallpapers (Hyde)
- 11 Hyde Icons
- 10 Yasu Icons


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Last year at work, I dressed up as a gothic princess for Halloween. (I never really dressed up much for Halloween before, but I had to take my chance to dress all-out medieval goth in public for once.) I think I'll do the same thing this year, but with extra. A friend of mine gave me the inspiration to do my eyeliner so that it looks like I've got a cobweb in the corner of each eye.

And now Hyde, pictured below, is inspiring me to add extra details along the mouth as well. Also, sir, I must have nails just like yours IMMEDIATELY. That electric blue is driving me insane! (This is one of the visible changes J-rock has worked in me. Before I got obsessed with Gackt, Hyde, etc., I was indifferent to make-up and nail polish. But as soon as I saw a boy pulling it off really well, I wanted in, too. Not the usual boy-related motivation for a girl to try make-up, but then, I never was usual . . .)

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In other news not dominated by J-rock, I was fangirling yesterday over a pair of Supernatural rings, which I'd bought on Etsy, that came in the mail. (If you haven't visited Etsy, fair warning: IT IS VERY, VERY DANGEROUS. ESPECIALLY TO NERDS.) If/when I take the plunge and try to sell stuff on Etsy myself, I'm convinced that any pittance I make will immediately go straight back into buying more fandom treasures. Gah, those rings are so gorgeous! I'm wearing them as I type. :D (And also trying not to think about any possible psychological implications that might be drawn from a girl wearing rings with the names of fictional characters inscribed along the inside. ROFL.)

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So . . .

Sep. 30th, 2012 04:00 pm
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. . . would this technically count as a half-cover? XD I really don't know how to classify this, except AWESOME.

(BTW, I just finished that elven cloak that I'd been slowly piecing together for months. Pictures forthcoming . . .)


Sep. 24th, 2012 02:55 pm
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Sorry that I've kinda been missing in action. Last few days have not been conductive to spending time on the internet, what with a friend needing back-to-back sleepovers while she's alone in a new house with her parents out of town, and what with me, Mom, and two of my brothers watching 9 or 10 Supernatural Season 7 episodes in two days. (Our DVD FINALLY CAME, PRECIOUSSSS.) Speaking of precious, anybody seen the latest Hobbit trailer? I dare anybody to watch it without being divided by squees and tears. :D

I'll close with a GIF, because I fee like it.

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Me: *listening to Jojoushi while doing all the cleaning* Man, I love this song.
Little Sister: Because it's dreamy?
Me: YES.
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I really want to see this live. No, strike that, I really, really, really want to see it. Thank goodness somebody's nice enough to upload stuff like this to YouTube for those of us confined by distance and other nuisances.
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- 50 HYDE Icons
- 02 HYDE Banners
- 01 HYDE Wallpaper


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Jul. 4th, 2012 10:29 am
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I literally CANNOT stop listening to this song. And somehow, it's oddly appropriate today. ;)


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