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I can't figure out the lyrics to save my life, but I love this song anyway. :)
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OH. MAH. GAWD. This song has blown me away. Teru, I'm in love with your guitar solo, and ZIN, I wantz your eyelashes NOW. Hizaki, I want to steal your entire wardrobe, as always. Excuse me while I listen to this on loop forever.

And here I'm already fangirling over Within Temptation's "HYDRA", which just came in the mail this week. I don't know what's more awesome, listening to their original songs, or their covers. Literally, I cannot fathom the awesomeness that is this band, even if they are my favorite of favorites. :)

Speaking of favorites, I'm going to make lyric videos of "Let Us Burn" and the "Radioactive" cover. We'll see how long that takes.

Now, off I go to write. I'm really, really intimidated right now, since I fear my WIP will need major restructuring into a trilogy (did I say that already?), but at this point, I want it done. Even if it's crap, I wanted it to be finished crap, rather than unfinished crap.
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Floor Jansen is now *officially* the new spectacularly awesome front of Nightwish! Doesn't really come as a surprise, since it's obvious she's the perfect fit, but I'm still really, really glad everything has worked out, all around the board. (Sometimes, you can't always predict things. I sure wish I could.) :D

Here's to even more great renditions of songs old and new!

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I move, work, and read books like crazy for a month, and when I try to catch up on fandoms, I'm overwhelmed.

ALSKHGALSIFLASDHKGALSDJFLAKSDGHASFJSKDFALSDJFLJKASDHGWEIAFJDAJFSDSLDKFJOWEIFLSJDFS. Part of me is too overwhelmed to even listen, and part of me wishes it was darker, with a harder metal edge. Still, I'm in love. Fantastic!

Meanwhile, in Visual Kei . . . )

As they say on tumblr, meanwhile, MISHA! )
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Within Temptation rocks anything they cover. Enough said!
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This song got on my nerves--until I heard this version. I'm beginning to suspect Sharon could make any song I hate sound amazing. :)
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First song of this band that I stumbled across. So calming and lovely. :)
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There is something irreplaceable in WT's older, more fantasy-oriented songs ("Hand of Sorrow" made me fall in love with them), but this song is quite awesome, too.

Also, new layout! The old one didn't respond well to a few little changes, so I broke out another.:)
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I love the beginning of this song to pieces. (Not too crazy about the growling, though.) Bless the day that an aspiring young singer named Simone decided to turn her vocal style from pop to operatic. (Anybody care to take a stab at who inspired her to do so?)
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Seriously, I don't know if it can get any better than this. :)
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I've got to get this out now, while the memory is at its freshest. I really do wish I had a better memory--I'm terrified that this will dwindle to a vague happy haze all too soon.

Sorry it took me a day more than I promised--this turned out to be way longer than I'd expected, and our family's wifi turned out to be way more touchy than I'd expected. (JFYI, I took a few pictures and a couple snippets of video, but it wasn't much. Mostly, I just have my thoughts and videos from other people on YouTube.)

Here we go . . . )


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