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It is impossible to choose a favorite rendition of this song. It's so unspeakably beautiful!

BTW, somebody ban me from eBay right away. I just figured out they are a TON of super cute visual kei-styled ladies' clothes on there. And I'm drooling a river.
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- 37 Hyde Icons
- 03 Hyde Banners
- 02 Hyde Wallpapers


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I'm not even going to admit to the number of times I've watched various renditions of Ibara no Namida, this one included. Rest assured it's probably too much, if you can listen to J-rock too much. :)
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- 22 Halloween Junky Orchestra Icons (Hyde & Yasu)
- 08 Halloween Junky Orchestra Banners (Hyde & Yasu)
- 02 Halloween Junky Orchestra Wallpapers (Hyde)
- 11 Hyde Icons
- 10 Yasu Icons


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So . . .

Sep. 30th, 2012 04:00 pm
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. . . would this technically count as a half-cover? XD I really don't know how to classify this, except AWESOME.

(BTW, I just finished that elven cloak that I'd been slowly piecing together for months. Pictures forthcoming . . .)
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Me: *listening to Jojoushi while doing all the cleaning* Man, I love this song.
Little Sister: Because it's dreamy?
Me: YES.
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I've really been on a L'arc binge lately. :)
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Arg. I really wish teleportation existed. Then I might have been able to go to Hawaii to see this live. Oh, well. At least this vid is super high quality. :D
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I need a super-duper high-quality version of this video. Just so I can see every tiny detail with crystal clarity. :D (I'll admit, I didn't like the dreads much at first--now they're growing on me. Pun not intended.) Now, off to research graphic stuff and write!
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Well, at least, I'm doing the latter part. Not quite so good at the keeping calm part. The heat is really getting to me; I nearly snapped at a customer at the bowling alley today.

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