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I can't express how much I love this song. It's so pretty, and I can't imitate the arm motions to save my life. When I do, I just look like Bertie Wooster waving manically at the world.

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This song has fascinated me for months. And it also gives my Mom plotbunnies. :)
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Gah, I love this tune so much. <3

I was really, really dreading working today, what with it being Christmas Adam and all. (Excuse the goofy pun--I only get to use it once a year!) But even though it got so busy that the line spilled out of the cue line and drifted in the men's department, I didn't feel too bad. I felt . . . almost thrilled. Like I was thriving or something. Which is completely against my nature, since I usually tend to break into a sweat whenever more than four people are in line at a time.

I must have been high on lack of sleep or something. Maybe I'm still high on Hobbit fever? Who knows.

I do know this: I'm off tomorrow, and I'm going to hold a Lord of the Rings marathon. :)
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Celtic Woman + Bach = I am speechless.

Is there any way that I can make my voice sound like these ladies' voices? Please, tell me there is one!
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This is one of my favorite Christmas hymns. And guess what? Somehow, I've ended up being slotted to sing it with three friends during our church's Christmas Eve service. Our voices blend really well together--I mean, really well--but we still need so much practice. Myself especially. I tend to sing in a whisper, which works great when you're singing in your room and don't want anybody to hear, but not so great when you're in a quartet. I need to find a way to get the four of us together just to practice for a while this week--today, if I can. Probably won't, though, since three of us have jobs that like to make get-togethers difficult.
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Need I even say that I love this song to pieces?
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Oh, God, her VOICE!!!!
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Now why can't my work play this over the radio? *pouts*


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