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OH. MAH. GAWD. This song has blown me away. Teru, I'm in love with your guitar solo, and ZIN, I wantz your eyelashes NOW. Hizaki, I want to steal your entire wardrobe, as always. Excuse me while I listen to this on loop forever.

And here I'm already fangirling over Within Temptation's "HYDRA", which just came in the mail this week. I don't know what's more awesome, listening to their original songs, or their covers. Literally, I cannot fathom the awesomeness that is this band, even if they are my favorite of favorites. :)

Speaking of favorites, I'm going to make lyric videos of "Let Us Burn" and the "Radioactive" cover. We'll see how long that takes.

Now, off I go to write. I'm really, really intimidated right now, since I fear my WIP will need major restructuring into a trilogy (did I say that already?), but at this point, I want it done. Even if it's crap, I wanted it to be finished crap, rather than unfinished crap.
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Don't mind me, I'm just sitting here, impatiently waiting for my Hydra CD to come in the mail. YouTube is not enough right now. I kinda miss the old style Within Temptation. "Truth Beneath the Rose" and "Hand of Sorrow" and "Ice Queen" are the first things that strike me when I think of my favorite band. But at the same time, I love how their current musical style is a strong tribute to the rock style of the 80's. I want to be able to write books in multiple genres, so I guess I can't blame them for experimenting with different styles, too. :)

And don't get me started on G's upcoming single. I'm super excited, but more and more, I'm worried I'll be a little disappointed. For me (and quite a few other fans), his masterpiece will always be Last Song. But since G himself wants this song to carry his memory, to be his defining song, in a way . . . I don't know. I don't know. I think, as we say on Tumblr, I have too many feelz. (Yes, that's feelz with the z. It's more emotive. LOL.)

To bring up the subject of writing again, I'm not happy where I'm at with my main WIP. The story has gotten ridiculously long and complex, and I originally decided to split it into two books. But there's just too much material. I'm afraid I'm looking at a trilogy--a very disjointed trilogy that's taken almost four years of my life, on and off. And I feel like it'll take four more years to get it up to snuff. But I'm determined to try to finish it this year, if only so I can move on to another project. It's just not easy to do so while juggling two jobs.

Interestingly, this recurring customer at work, whom I always forget, always remembers me and asks about my writing. (Actually, there may be more than one. Like I say, I forget them easily.) I don't know whether to call that sweet or scary. I can't quite read her, so I have no idea how to react, and I just smile and say thanks. I don't like feeling completely unable to gauge people, because it makes me feel vulnerable. Ah, well.
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Always interesting to hear a little bit about the creative process behind music. :)

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I move, work, and read books like crazy for a month, and when I try to catch up on fandoms, I'm overwhelmed.

ALSKHGALSIFLASDHKGALSDJFLAKSDGHASFJSKDFALSDJFLJKASDHGWEIAFJDAJFSDSLDKFJOWEIFLSJDFS. Part of me is too overwhelmed to even listen, and part of me wishes it was darker, with a harder metal edge. Still, I'm in love. Fantastic!

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Within Temptation rocks anything they cover. Enough said!
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This song got on my nerves--until I heard this version. I'm beginning to suspect Sharon could make any song I hate sound amazing. :)
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There is something irreplaceable in WT's older, more fantasy-oriented songs ("Hand of Sorrow" made me fall in love with them), but this song is quite awesome, too.

Also, new layout! The old one didn't respond well to a few little changes, so I broke out another.:)
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She's preggars, and singing on regardless. Wow. O.O
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*bounces in* I hate crowds and noise, so instead of braving brick-and-mortar stores this Black Friday, I just went shopping on Amazon and Etsy. And got meself Supernatural and Within Temptation goodies. (And also a gift or two.)

*bounces out*

P.S--Those Facebook ads for Harry Potter and Hobbit goodies almost got to me. Almost.

Double P.S.--Just read the first Game of Thrones book. A few bits grossed me out (not surprisingly), but overall, I loved it. Brand new Stark fangirl right here, especially with regard to Eddard and Jon Snow. *sobs* Gushing commentary pending. I also want to make up a house saying for my family, like "Winter is coming" of the Starks. Then I realized it wasn't worth it. "Where's the remote?" or "WHO ATE ALL THE SALSA?!" fits us perfectly, but just doesn't sound as epic.
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The lovely symbolism in this song is absolutely staggering. I want to ramble on for hours about the lyrics, but I'm not sure I really can do justice to all the themes and all their angles. Not at the moment. Maybe after I've matured a bit. I'll just say this: though the words first call to mind the mindless bloodshed in the Crusades, they drive home a point relevant to any conflict conceived in aggression in any time period.
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Gah, yet another concert DVD to add to my long list of things to order online.
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Can I just gush about this song for the next hour or so? Love the video, love Sharon's dress, love Sharon's voice, love, love, love the lyrics. Interestingly enough, when you look at the lyrics written or typed out on a page, they seem deceptively simple and plain (at least to me). But sung by Sharon's voice, they seem to take on a much deeper meaning. My imagination takes off.
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This was one of my first Within Temptation songs, and it still reigns as one of my favorites among favorites. I listened to "Our Solemn Hour" copiously while studying for the SAT. Strangely, it was both strengthening and soothing for an overly-imaginative teenage girl who suddenly realized her future might not hold anything she really wanted. Now, I listen to it even more copiously while trying to make something out of my current WIP.

More rambling and one of my favorite fan videos . . . )
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Within Temptation was one of the first bands that introduced me to this genre back in 2010, and this awesome band still reigns as my favorite of all time and all genres. Hand of Sorrow was the first song of WT's that I heard. And for that, I have to thank [ profile] princessbloomy and her Severus Snape fanmix. (I really owe a lot to LJ. It's scary.)

Today, I'm not going to analyze why I love this song. I'll let it speak for itself. (Don't get too distracted by the pretty Final Fantasy clips, now. :D)
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