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Hello, everyone! I've been distracted by new technology, crafting, disturbing plotbunnies, and work stress. I'm sorry I'm behind, will catch up on your posts later. Just going to leave this picture of a necklace I made from bits of old jewelry, taken with my new iPhone.

Also, if you could send prayers/good vibes my way, I'd appreciate it. Being a supervisor isn't getting any easier for me even though it's been 1 1/2 years, and I'm considering stepping down in three months or so in the hope my mood and muse will improve.
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To the many online dating websites out there . . . I cordially hate all your ads in all mediums. Especially those of Christian Mingle. Not preacher's wife material, sorry--I'm cynical and anti-social, at best. If I want to go hunting for a man, I'll do it my own way, thanks. (And that's putting it mildly.) Leave me alone.

On a more positive note, I had a fun conversation with a customer at work about Hinduism, Sarah Brightman, writing, and photography--especially sunset photos. I found out she's won a lot of contests and has been featured on the local public TV station. I hope I didn't talk her ear off--once I get comfortable talking, I can't shut up. LOL. Little chats like that make working retail a little less of a pain. :)


Jul. 1st, 2012 02:12 pm
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I'm going to have a busy work schedule this week, because the lady who usually works in jewelry will be on vacation. So I'm basically going to be in jewelry all week long, more or less. Do not want.

credit jejeymoron

It's not that I hate working in jewelry--I hate being tempted to buy all sorts of beautiful crap while working in jewelry. Hello, girl, you can't spend your paycheck before you even get it. We're supposed to be saving. (Am I the only one that lectures myself in multiple persons? Please tell me I'm not.)
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Well, at least, I'm doing the latter part. Not quite so good at the keeping calm part. The heat is really getting to me; I nearly snapped at a customer at the bowling alley today.

Insert cut here . . . )
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Recently, I've been keeping myself on a strict spending limit in order to save for the future. I've been really good the last couple months . . . and today my self-control crumbled.

Here's what started it all:

I was innocently minding my own business at work today, serving my time at the jewelry counter as back-up, since we're anticipating brisk Valentine's day business, and then WHAM! Love at first sight. Violent love, I should say. (If you think you can't possibly be violently in love with a piece of jewelry, I TELL YOU, YOU CAN!)

Next thing I knew, I was putting it on hold for safekeeping . . . and then spider earrings to match it found their way in there . . . and then something else I'd had my eye on . . . and something else . . . and something else . . .

And it didn't end there. What did I do when I got home? Why, naturally, I hopped on to Amazon and ordered two Evanescence albums and a L'arc en Ciel album to boot. We must be thorough, yes, precious.

And now, we must limit our expenses to gas only, yes . . . (Just so you all know, I tend to revert to Gollum-talk with myself without even realizing it.) :D


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