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Finally saw Only Lovers Left Alive about a month ago, and I still have mixed feelings about it.

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Last night, I kicked off a much-delayed Cate Blanchett one-movie-a-week marathon with Little Fish.

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All things considered, though I'm not crazy about either film, I did get a few plotbunnies watching each of them. And icons are somewhere in the works as well. :)
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-14 Captain America: The First Avenger Icons
-14 Deep Blue Sea Icons

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Jul. 21st, 2013 09:40 am
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Thanks to tumblr's excellent blog coverage of Comic-Con, I don't know what killed me more--Tom Hiddleston as Loki, introducing a trailer and commanding people to say his name and kneel, or Karen Gillan whipping off a ginger wig to reveal she has shaved her head. O.O
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Help, I've fangirled and I can't get up. God help me when the full trailer gets uploaded on YouTube in all its HD glory. I'm not kidding when I say my wailing made my Mom come into my room to wonder why it started sounding like a torture chamber. :)

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No words. NO. WORDS.
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My brother and I pooled our money into getting a semi-expensive camera. (Bro describes it as high-end personal, low-end pro.) All of us kids want a nice camera to develop our skills before we go into the really expensive stuff, so we're getting one to share. That way I can take pictures for sketching and for fun; one brother can spam Instagram, or whatever it's called, with pro wannabe photos; and the another brother can create his own HQ textures for his 3D graphics. (I have three brothers. None of them are named Darrell.)

Now we're going crazy waiting for it to ship. We can't wait to start taking pictures of everything we see!

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