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Dec. 22nd, 2016 02:18 pm
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Anybody else getting random "bad gateway" messages?
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Thanks to a crazy busy life right now, I didn't get a chance to watch Hannibal until today. And I barely have a coherent thought in my head, but I've got to get the feels out, so here they spill. It's basically a play-by-play of whatever nonsense ran through my head all episode.

The music at the beginning--WHAT IS THIS? It's the same music that I associate with Milo and Otis. NO THIS IS NOT OKAY, IT'S HAPPY MUSIC, I DON'T WANT YOU TO RUIN MY HAPPY MUSIC. Unless Beverly, by some miracle, is still alive? (According to Bryan Fuller's twitter, the music is Schumann's Scenes of Childhood from Foreign Lands. God, I love Schumann.)

OMG, that's not fair comparing Hannibal's awesome-looking food to Will's Prison Mush Supreme. NOT FAIR!!! OMG, are those BEETLES? Ew. That's almost grosser than people. Please tell me you're not feeding Beverly to a grief-stricken Crawford. PLEASE!

He is NOT a great friend. He is the worst friend ever.

Freddie with a GUN? Now, girl, what are you up to? Oh, there's dripping blood. NOOOOOOOOO! *keyboard smash* I'm expecting it, but I still don't wanna see it! Wait, is that real concern for Jack's emotional well-being on Freddie's face? I know she's not completely inhuman (like *cough* Hannibal *cough*), but still... she's so tricksy, I can't ever take what she says at face value.

OH. MY. GOD. Hannibal . . . you . . . you . . . this "interpretive corpse" is sick, even for you. EVEN FOR YOU. I hope Will wrings your neck.

Oh, wow, Hettienne Park is still in the credits. Is she going to exist in Will's subconscious now? Please, please, please, Park is WAY too cool to leave this show completely.

"Acting on an anonymous tip"--OHO, WE KNOW WHO THAT WAS. Bastard. *curls up into a ball* I don't want to see Will's face when they tell him. I wish I had a hundred doggie plushies right now.

Oh my gosh, here comes the rushing, overwhelming water theme again. Oh, Will . . . you can still see Beverly in the room, while other people are there? Yikes, you're not even dreaming. Not good, not good. No, no, you don't wanna go see her body, Will. Even if you're the best qualified to read the scene, you shouldn't, you shouldn't.

Will . . . are you setting Chilton up to be sliced, diced, and eaten by Hannibal? I hate Chilton, but still . . boy, that's devious. ZOMG THE MASK. (Hugh Dancy makes that mask look way more awesome than he should.) And now he looks like a muzzled puppy dog. *lip wobble*

Oh, wow, Crawford's taking all the restraints, even the muzzle off. Yeah, now you're starting to think mebbe Will isn't the real monster, huh? God, the music for the scene is perfect--it's like you can hear Beverly's thoughts pounding on the plastic encasing her body.

Wow, now it looks like Will's dancing with Beverly and trying to get to know her again. No, I'm not crying, I swear I'm not crying!

"Fair enough"? Gideon tells you the only way to catch a killer is to kill him, and all Will says is "Fair enough." Is it just me, or is that possibly the scariest part of the episode? Because Will's so calm, so nonchalant.

OH, FREDDIE, YOU'RE DEAD. He done told you taking pictures was rude. Didn't you learn to be more careful when Gideon had you help him with Chilton--or, rather, Chilton's insides? *tsk, tsk*

Ha, Hannibal's face is perfect when he says he's trying to imagine Will REQUESTING Freddie. Oho, this is going to be GOOD. Where's the popcorn? Okay, I'm noticing a theme. When Will wants somebody to do something underhanded for him, he's reluctantly charming, even downright seductive. And I really can't decide how I feel about that. I'm leaning toward gleeful, even though I know I shouldn't be. :)

Oh, wow, is the security dude the one killing for Will? Oh, Wiiiiilll, somebody's got a wee crush on you. And it's not just Alana. Oh, wait, I'm revising that statement. This guy has a MAJOR crush on you. Oooo, and this guy can tweak the microphones! I almost like him now. Almost.

OMG, the judge and the bailiff were not killed by the same guy? That means it HAD to have been Hannibal that killed the judge! Whoa.

MIND=BLOWN. Will is setting a serial killer on Hannbial, and Gideon overheard him. Well, now it's a just a race to see who can get to who first. I think we're all pretty sure Will's not-quite-secret admirer is going to end up in some stir fry.

WAIT, WHAT?! Admirer Dude got Hannibal with a tranquilizer dart?! NO WAY.

Okay, how did they get it to look like Will is crying blood? Has the cinematography in this show won ANY awards yet?!

NO, NO, NO, CRAWFORD, ALANA, DON'T SAVE HANNIBAL, DON'T SAVE . . . ARG. I'm ready to Hulksmash something.

*watches preview* WAIT, SLOW DOWN. "You tried to kill me, Will. I gave Alana Bloom your best." OH. MY. GOD. This show is so messed up! Alana, WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING?! How am I supposed to wait for the next episode now?!


Jul. 21st, 2013 09:40 am
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Thanks to tumblr's excellent blog coverage of Comic-Con, I don't know what killed me more--Tom Hiddleston as Loki, introducing a trailer and commanding people to say his name and kneel, or Karen Gillan whipping off a ginger wig to reveal she has shaved her head. O.O


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