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I started crying with laughter about 3 seconds in. This is GOLD.
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You tell those gents, Mrs. Hudson! :D
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Oooo, this looks dark! And I like it!
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I can't figure out the lyrics to save my life, but I love this song anyway. :)


Aug. 29th, 2014 10:57 am
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This has been out for three weeks, and I just discovered it now. *sigh* So much new music, so little time!

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OH. MAH. GAWD. This song has blown me away. Teru, I'm in love with your guitar solo, and ZIN, I wantz your eyelashes NOW. Hizaki, I want to steal your entire wardrobe, as always. Excuse me while I listen to this on loop forever.

And here I'm already fangirling over Within Temptation's "HYDRA", which just came in the mail this week. I don't know what's more awesome, listening to their original songs, or their covers. Literally, I cannot fathom the awesomeness that is this band, even if they are my favorite of favorites. :)

Speaking of favorites, I'm going to make lyric videos of "Let Us Burn" and the "Radioactive" cover. We'll see how long that takes.

Now, off I go to write. I'm really, really intimidated right now, since I fear my WIP will need major restructuring into a trilogy (did I say that already?), but at this point, I want it done. Even if it's crap, I wanted it to be finished crap, rather than unfinished crap.
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My brothers introduced me to this band's music. And, boy, am I glad they did! Slowly going through their discography (over a period of months, thanks to all my other obsessions taking up so much time). Anybody else on my f-list like these guys, too?
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Whee, I've been obsessed with GACKT for 3 crazy years now, thanks to this song! (If any of you do not know who that is, just rest assured he's a ridiculously talented moron that ruins your life while inspiring you at the same time.)
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Floor Jansen is now *officially* the new spectacularly awesome front of Nightwish! Doesn't really come as a surprise, since it's obvious she's the perfect fit, but I'm still really, really glad everything has worked out, all around the board. (Sometimes, you can't always predict things. I sure wish I could.) :D

Here's to even more great renditions of songs old and new!

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I move, work, and read books like crazy for a month, and when I try to catch up on fandoms, I'm overwhelmed.

ALSKHGALSIFLASDHKGALSDJFLAKSDGHASFJSKDFALSDJFLJKASDHGWEIAFJDAJFSDSLDKFJOWEIFLSJDFS. Part of me is too overwhelmed to even listen, and part of me wishes it was darker, with a harder metal edge. Still, I'm in love. Fantastic!

Meanwhile, in Visual Kei . . . )

As they say on tumblr, meanwhile, MISHA! )
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ETA: Every video I try to embed ends up getting blocked or deleted, so here's a link to the Facebook page:
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I don't even want to admit how much I identify with this song. No, wait, I do. :)
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Words can't describe how awesome it is to hear these two women sing together. WOW.
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Okay, fellow Visual Kei fanatics, all together now. One, two, three, SQUEEEEEEEE!!!


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