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Oct. 30th, 2014 11:17 pm
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Me at work: 8 hours till I'm free. Then I'll do housework, dye my hair black and paint my nails black and prep my usual Medieval Goth dress for the BVB concert tomorrow night.

Me at home: It's 6 pm. Gotta do housework and dye my hair and stuff. But first, lemme work on my fanfic a little . . .

3 hours later . . .

Me at my computer: Yeah, the fic is finished! OH NO IT'S 9:30 AND I HAVE TO SCRAMBLE!

2 hours later . . .

Me at my computer again: Hair done, nails in progress. But it's worth it because my fanfic got its first review! <3
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Verily, the world has needed this many a year. I do wish some good soul had brought this into the world sooner. MAY THE FORCE BE WITH THEE!
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I double dog dare you. I'm not one for dares, because they're stupid, but I feel something this stupid funny is worth it. My brother showed it to me the other day, and I literally fell off the bed laughing. This is goofing off at its very finest.
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I have heard of both Tokio Hotel and Cinema Bizarre, and have heard examples of each band's music style, without being affected. So why have I been listening to a few songs from each over and over for two days solid? Oh, no, this is how obsession begins . . .

For those of you who have seen The Hobbit, read this script spoof. NOW. It's the funniest thing I have read in a long, long time. I would write one myself, but this lady seems to have covered everything spot-on.

Now back to editing. Note to self: research the history of ottomans. You've put that off for far too long.
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Me: *listening to Jojoushi while doing all the cleaning* Man, I love this song.
Little Sister: Because it's dreamy?
Me: YES.
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Since my BFF in real life and I finally had a coinciding day off work, we did what we usually do: goof off, write, and surf YouTube together.

This video (among numerous crazy stuff related to Doctor Who and David Tennant) is what we found. Jensen Ackles actually made a brief appearance (starting at 4:40 in this video) in one of my favorite TV shows growing up, and I had NO IDEA. My mind is blown. o.O
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I just got "The Classical Conspiracy" CD a couple weeks ago. Before that, my little sister liked to fall asleep listening to Enya every night. Now, when either Mom or I tuck her in, she wants me to start the Spiderman Medley playing. And she likes to play it while she's awake, too. I never thought I could possibly have too much Epica, but what with my sister playing this one track over and over 24/7, I'm starting to wonder if I was wrong. LOL.

Oh, well. At least I'm helping her develop good taste, right? :D
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Blegh. Where is the year going? I feel as if I haven't gotten anything done yet--especially as I'm watching a ton of people struggling to stay afloat during finals, my BFF and brother included. Kinda makes me feel guilty that I've got it easy by comparison--but, hey, working part-time and writing the rest of the time, instead of going to college, was my choice. I'll keep at it, and see if my hunch that I can pursue a writing career my own way will turn out right. (Of course, keeping that "writing the rest of the time" literal and fresh in my mind would help. I tend to get distracted too easily.)

Speaking of distractions, perhaps I should pretend the internet is down for a while. That might help. I saw an icon somewhere that read something like this: "The key to being a successful writer is keeping off the internet." True, that.

But, before I go, I've got to post this video. It's an ad-lib moment from the filming of season 4 of Supernatural. THIS is the best example of why I'm hopelessly addicted to this show. Jensen Ackles is one of the most awesome dorks on the planet, and I will never be able to hear "Eye of the Tiger" again without giggling.

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Since when have we been restricted to asking God just one question? O.o
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Recently, I've been keeping myself on a strict spending limit in order to save for the future. I've been really good the last couple months . . . and today my self-control crumbled.

Here's what started it all:

I was innocently minding my own business at work today, serving my time at the jewelry counter as back-up, since we're anticipating brisk Valentine's day business, and then WHAM! Love at first sight. Violent love, I should say. (If you think you can't possibly be violently in love with a piece of jewelry, I TELL YOU, YOU CAN!)

Next thing I knew, I was putting it on hold for safekeeping . . . and then spider earrings to match it found their way in there . . . and then something else I'd had my eye on . . . and something else . . . and something else . . .

And it didn't end there. What did I do when I got home? Why, naturally, I hopped on to Amazon and ordered two Evanescence albums and a L'arc en Ciel album to boot. We must be thorough, yes, precious.

And now, we must limit our expenses to gas only, yes . . . (Just so you all know, I tend to revert to Gollum-talk with myself without even realizing it.) :D
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Type your answers in Google Images and pick an image off the first page.

The age you will be on your next birthday

Hey, this looks almost as scary as turning 22 will be. (22 is an emotional number for me. My dad's stepmom always used to joke that on her next birthday, she'd be 22. I had always meant to say something witty to her on my 22nd b-day. But she passed away last year. Now I never will.)

A place you'd like to travel

Shucks. I was hoping a screencap of the Hollywood-esque ENGLAND sign from Robin Hood: Men in Tights would show up.

More this way . . . )
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in which you're surfing the web, and a background conversation, suddenly taken in context with what's on your screen, becomes really funny?

I just did. My dad was lecturing talking about "potential spouses," just as I was scrolling to the picture below on tumblr.


Naturally, said occurrence just made my night.
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So, last night while I was working a closing shift, I was walking to the fitting room to cover the break of the lady posted there. Outside of the fitting room she walked up to me and told me to get in there quickly so I can talk to this handsome guy approaching to try on a shirt.

I'm putting a cut here because things just got interesting . . . )
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My brothers showed this to me. And it just about killed me. LOL!


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