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I just created an alternate FB account, strictly for J-rock fangirling. Even though I far prefer LJ and Tumblr, there are perks to liking official pages on FB. (Can't fangirl on my "real" FB, because I don't need to deal with visual kei reactions from co-workers or church friends. Especially the pastor--Gackt would probably give him a heart attack. XD) So, if any of my fellow J-rock fans would like to friend me on FB, lemme know!

And before I close, have some ABC! Darn, it's hard to find live ABC videos, besides the lovely free live.
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Words can't describe how awesome it is to hear these two women sing together. WOW.
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God bless the lovely soul that uploaded this and many other HD Malice Mizer videos. These are the best I've seen on YouTube, hands down. PARTY TIME!
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It is impossible to choose a favorite rendition of this song. It's so unspeakably beautiful!

BTW, somebody ban me from eBay right away. I just figured out they are a TON of super cute visual kei-styled ladies' clothes on there. And I'm drooling a river.
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I've been deeply in love with this song for a few months now. The mingled sadness and affection is so touching. :) (For anybody who's curious, there's a higher quality version here that won't embed.) Also, Yoshiki's 90's perm is seriously reminding me of an old hairstyle of my mom's.
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If you haven't stumbled across a lavishly-HQ video of the GazettE's performance at J-MELO, here, have some early Easter candy for eyes and ears. Enjoy it, because my gut tells me the video may not stay up there for long.

I think I'm going to develop yet another band obsession. Don't need another one, but these obsessions walk in of their own accord . . . I think I'm already obsessed with Ruki's gloves. I need to steal this guy's accessories. EVERYTHING IS SO PERFECT.
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She's preggars, and singing on regardless. Wow. O.O
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I love the beginning of this song to pieces. (Not too crazy about the growling, though.) Bless the day that an aspiring young singer named Simone decided to turn her vocal style from pop to operatic. (Anybody care to take a stab at who inspired her to do so?)
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I'm not even going to admit to the number of times I've watched various renditions of Ibara no Namida, this one included. Rest assured it's probably too much, if you can listen to J-rock too much. :)
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Seriously, I don't know if it can get any better than this. :)
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I've got to get this out now, while the memory is at its freshest. I really do wish I had a better memory--I'm terrified that this will dwindle to a vague happy haze all too soon.

Sorry it took me a day more than I promised--this turned out to be way longer than I'd expected, and our family's wifi turned out to be way more touchy than I'd expected. (JFYI, I took a few pictures and a couple snippets of video, but it wasn't much. Mostly, I just have my thoughts and videos from other people on YouTube.)

Here we go . . . )

So . . .

Sep. 30th, 2012 04:00 pm
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. . . would this technically count as a half-cover? XD I really don't know how to classify this, except AWESOME.

(BTW, I just finished that elven cloak that I'd been slowly piecing together for months. Pictures forthcoming . . .)
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*sigh* Wow. I have no words for the feelings this song inspires.
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Have I rambled about how much I love G's Doomsday here yet? About how I just LOVE how he can sing a song that builds and fades like the ebbing of a tide, one moment passionate and rising in volume, the next mellowing and softening almost to a whisper? No? Well, there. I did it. :)
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I really want to see this live. No, strike that, I really, really, really want to see it. Thank goodness somebody's nice enough to upload stuff like this to YouTube for those of us confined by distance and other nuisances.
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Look at that crowd! :)


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