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Okay, that does it, THIS is my favorite Jupiter song so far. I was expecting good, but MAN YOU GUYS TOTALLY OUTDID YOURSELVES. Excuse Gothie while she fangirls and completely forgets about organizing her closet.
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9 GACKT Icons
10 HYDE Icons
11 Ruki Icons
13 Yasu Icons

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OH. MAH. GAWD. This song has blown me away. Teru, I'm in love with your guitar solo, and ZIN, I wantz your eyelashes NOW. Hizaki, I want to steal your entire wardrobe, as always. Excuse me while I listen to this on loop forever.

And here I'm already fangirling over Within Temptation's "HYDRA", which just came in the mail this week. I don't know what's more awesome, listening to their original songs, or their covers. Literally, I cannot fathom the awesomeness that is this band, even if they are my favorite of favorites. :)

Speaking of favorites, I'm going to make lyric videos of "Let Us Burn" and the "Radioactive" cover. We'll see how long that takes.

Now, off I go to write. I'm really, really intimidated right now, since I fear my WIP will need major restructuring into a trilogy (did I say that already?), but at this point, I want it done. Even if it's crap, I wanted it to be finished crap, rather than unfinished crap.
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-50 HYDE Icons

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I move, work, and read books like crazy for a month, and when I try to catch up on fandoms, I'm overwhelmed.

ALSKHGALSIFLASDHKGALSDJFLAKSDGHASFJSKDFALSDJFLJKASDHGWEIAFJDAJFSDSLDKFJOWEIFLSJDFS. Part of me is too overwhelmed to even listen, and part of me wishes it was darker, with a harder metal edge. Still, I'm in love. Fantastic!

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As they say on tumblr, meanwhile, MISHA! )


Sep. 3rd, 2013 08:44 pm
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I'm still in shock that Mana and Kamijo collaborated. Not that I thought they never would--it's just something that never occurred to me. But I'm glad it's happened. Never, ever going to get tired of this style of Visual Kei. NEVER!
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ETA: Every video I try to embed ends up getting blocked or deleted, so here's a link to the Facebook page:
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I just created an alternate FB account, strictly for J-rock fangirling. Even though I far prefer LJ and Tumblr, there are perks to liking official pages on FB. (Can't fangirl on my "real" FB, because I don't need to deal with visual kei reactions from co-workers or church friends. Especially the pastor--Gackt would probably give him a heart attack. XD) So, if any of my fellow J-rock fans would like to friend me on FB, lemme know!

And before I close, have some ABC! Darn, it's hard to find live ABC videos, besides the lovely free live.
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- 17 GACKT Icons
- 10 Klaha Icons
- 11 Mana Icons
- 01 Mana Banner
- 02 GACKT Wallpapers

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Okay, fellow Visual Kei fanatics, all together now. One, two, three, SQUEEEEEEEE!!!


Jul. 2nd, 2013 09:15 pm
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I've wandered into the J-rock nook of Deviantart, and I literally can't dig myself out. So. Much. PRETTY! Especially the fan drawings of GACKT. It's enough to make you despair.

BTW, last week (or was it the week before?), my life was basically hijacked by the anime The Rose of Versailles, thanks to Hulu. Everybody's a diva in that show, and the ending, surprise, surprise, was not happy, but I still got hopelessly addicted. (Lady Oscar rocks, just saying. I just know I'll end up writing at least one heroine heavily inspired by her.) Icons in progress. :)
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This goth J-rock fan has no words. BRB, flailing.
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God bless the lovely soul that uploaded this and many other HD Malice Mizer videos. These are the best I've seen on YouTube, hands down. PARTY TIME!
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It is impossible to choose a favorite rendition of this song. It's so unspeakably beautiful!

BTW, somebody ban me from eBay right away. I just figured out they are a TON of super cute visual kei-styled ladies' clothes on there. And I'm drooling a river.
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I've been deeply in love with this song for a few months now. The mingled sadness and affection is so touching. :) (For anybody who's curious, there's a higher quality version here that won't embed.) Also, Yoshiki's 90's perm is seriously reminding me of an old hairstyle of my mom's.
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- 48 Moon Child Icons


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 photo mca.jpg

I'm a day late with this (between baby cousin's b-day party and work, I had no time yesterday), but I found an excellent Flickr photostream of Moon Child-related goodies. Celebratory icons pending, fellow J-rock fans. :)


Apr. 1st, 2013 10:23 pm
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For me, this was just a regular Monday night, browsing my f-list on LJ. Right? WRONG. I stumbled across this post of [ profile] lady_irena. So, basically:

4/5 of now-on-hiatus Versailles have started a brand-new band, Jupiter, with some vocalist called Zin.


Is this just some prank for April Fool's? I know it's not, but still . . . I can't wrap my brain around this. I'm happy that Hizaki, Teru, Yuki, and Masashi are sticking together moving forward, but still . . . ZOMG I WAS NOT PREPARED FOR THIS. BLOODY HELL!
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If you haven't stumbled across a lavishly-HQ video of the GazettE's performance at J-MELO, here, have some early Easter candy for eyes and ears. Enjoy it, because my gut tells me the video may not stay up there for long.

I think I'm going to develop yet another band obsession. Don't need another one, but these obsessions walk in of their own accord . . . I think I'm already obsessed with Ruki's gloves. I need to steal this guy's accessories. EVERYTHING IS SO PERFECT.


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