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Oct. 30th, 2014 11:17 pm
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Me at work: 8 hours till I'm free. Then I'll do housework, dye my hair black and paint my nails black and prep my usual Medieval Goth dress for the BVB concert tomorrow night.

Me at home: It's 6 pm. Gotta do housework and dye my hair and stuff. But first, lemme work on my fanfic a little . . .

3 hours later . . .

Me at my computer: Yeah, the fic is finished! OH NO IT'S 9:30 AND I HAVE TO SCRAMBLE!

2 hours later . . .

Me at my computer again: Hair done, nails in progress. But it's worth it because my fanfic got its first review! <3
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Oooo, this looks dark! And I like it!
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9 GACKT Icons
10 HYDE Icons
11 Ruki Icons
13 Yasu Icons

Here are the rest . . . )
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I can't figure out the lyrics to save my life, but I love this song anyway. :)
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There will be days when, browsing tumblr, that I weep for the depravity of humanity. Thanks to this, it is not this day. Today insanity is bliss.

In other news, I'm trying to NOT be a wreck as the Supernatural season premier approaches. Fat chance of that, thanks to incredible artists that post masterpieces like this. Augh. Feelz, man. Feelz.


Sep. 29th, 2014 11:13 pm
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- 16 Castiel Icons

What better way to kick-start my icon muse than staring at Castiel for a while? XD Plus, I'm anticipating the 10th season of my favorite show!

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Finally saw Only Lovers Left Alive about a month ago, and I still have mixed feelings about it.

Lions and tigers and vampires, oh my! )

Last night, I kicked off a much-delayed Cate Blanchett one-movie-a-week marathon with Little Fish.

Didn't particularly like this one )

All things considered, though I'm not crazy about either film, I did get a few plotbunnies watching each of them. And icons are somewhere in the works as well. :)
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Hi! Life is weird and crazy right now, so I'm sorry if I seem AWOL. (Particularly to those of you waiting for e-mail replies. I'm sorry; hopefully I'll be able to reply tomorrow or soon after.)


Aug. 29th, 2014 10:57 am
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This has been out for three weeks, and I just discovered it now. *sigh* So much new music, so little time!

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you search frantically through four or five half-filled notebooks, to find the one with a specific passage. I'm beginning to think I dreamed about writing this one. Luckily, it's just in the beginning stages, so most of the stuff is still fresh in mind.

You'd think writers would be smart and stick to just one notebook for every idea. But, no, that would be way too sensible and easy. *headdesk*

Here, have some Epica!

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You know that jury summons I couldn't find (but I did eventually)? Well, even though I had it up in plain sight for weeks, I forgot about it until literally the last minute. Called the night before I was supposed to appear, heard my group summoned. Called out from part time job (down to just Mondays for my retail job), showed up at the courthouse downtown. Stuck around all day and got picked. Had to call out from my full time job Tues-Fri. We the happiest jury ever (literally, our awesome bailiff and all the staff around us were amazed how chill and fun we were) finally reached a verdict this afternoon. I have NEVER felt more free in my life. And I swear I'm NEVER forgetting about something like this again. (JFYI, I now know all sorts of cool stuff about how blood is tested for alcohol content.)

Last night, I blew off some stress watching Guardians of the Galaxy. It was really fun! I really resented the beginning, though. Yeah, just have a long, drawn-out, heartbreaking scene about a mother dying of cancer. You need to clinically depress all but the hardest hearts in the theater in order to get us to sympathize with Starlord. It's a good thing the rest of the movie was crazy fun, or else my emotions would never recover. The scene gathering Starlord, Gamora, Groot, and Rocket all together as they beat the crap out of each other was golden. I do wish we could have had more character backstory and development, like Avengers did, but that's okay. I'm glad they didn't try to force too much sappiness with Starlord and Gamora. Gamora ain't here for none of that nonsense. Lee Pace and Karen Gillan were pretty much wasted, though, just because there wasn't time to give them a chance to do much. Overall, though, it had a marked Star Wars vibe, and I enjoyed it.
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Somehow, no matter what my mood is, I'm in the mood for this song. Great play-in-the-background-while-writing music. :)
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-30 GACKT Icons

Here are the rest . . . )
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Have a blast, enjoy the fireworks (if you venture out), and stay safe! I'm off to bedeck myself in a red maxi dress, white bolero and blue flowers for my closing shift at work. :)
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And many, many happy returns of the day! Proud to be a fan of one of the most epic dorks on the planet. :D Never stop inspiring people!

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It's a simpler layout this time. It's amazing how few simple greyscale templates there are out there. Sheesh. But still, I'm happy I finally got a good result.

I spaced out and completely forgot that Epica released a new album in May. *hangs head in shame* It's great, and some moments are so heart-pumping, I nearly had to just sit aside and chill for a bit. Wow. Must save moneyz faster so I can buy this after some GACKT goodies. :D

This is THE BEST fandom/classic crossover fanart. EVER. The only reason I'm not screaming like a banshee and running around in circles is because I'm at work. The original painting, The Accolade by Edmund Blair Leighton, is my favorite piece of artwork of all time. Just look at the lighting there. Look at it. Magnificent, utterly magnificent. Excuse me while I bide my time till my break so I can run outside and squee.
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-13 Jennifer Carpenter Icons
-12 Karen Gillan Icons
-14 Hetienne Park Icons

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My camera was *conveniently* on the fritz that day. Not excited how grainy/blurry these got, but oh well. :)

This-a-way . . . )
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Today, I woke to the sound of songbirds going absolutely beserk, chirping their little hearts out. It was adorable, and kinda made my day, since I was having to get up early.

Then on my walk round my call center's building during lunch, I find a dead bird only a few paces from the door.

Wow, life. Way to be ironic and morbid.


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